Blerx! is a fresh spin on the classic retro-arcade brick blaster game. Your mission: blast all the blerx. Just tap where you want to shoot, and when the counter goes down to zero, they're history. Different blerx have different effects, and you only have so many shots, so there's a bit of strategy involved too. But mostly, Blerx! is a bit of mindless, relaxing fun, and a great accompaniment to chilling out with an audio book or podcast.

Blerx! is 100% free, with no ads, in-app purchases, or anything like that. I made it to learn and have some fun, and I hope you can have some fun with it too. Your new favorite time-waster awaits!

Blerx! was designed and optimized for playing on a phone or tablet, but you can also try a simplified web version on, if you'd prefer. Take care!